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In October I spent a week in Ibiza to join the Inner Change Retreat. The greatest gift that I could give myself ever! It has become a life changing event for me. What I have learned a lot! The yoga classes were great, very professionally managed by Jasmine and although I have a lot of yoga in the Netherlands follow, I got to learn about various yoga styles. For me the new meditation sessions, I did not know what I would think. The good guidance, step by step with thorough background information, I experienced how good meditation is and how much power is in you. Katya and Jasmine are warm, kind and professional women, and they have made this week so special. I went home with newly acquired energy, much love for and trust in myself and a good plan for the future. What a week! And what a great location … Thanks for everything, that I’ll never forget.

A very impressive, educational, receive spiritual week, with a head, middle and tail. Complete.
Accompanied by two experienced, heartfelt, creative and enthusiastic ladies: Jasmine (Froukje) and Katja.
I also especially enjoyed her very professional yoga classes Jasmine, her soothing voice, appearance,
cozy get-togethers and Katja’s great cooking and oddities and loving massage. You are in my heart!
For anyone who wants to grow and wants to come closer to who you really are at the core, I recommend you wholeheartedly! Love, Hilde Zuurman x

I could not imagine beforehand that a week Mindfulness Yoga Ibiza can do so much! I feel mentally 10 kilos lighter, I feel freer and happier way may work on yourself in such a beautiful and inspiring place is truly a gift! Thank you for your great support, great yoga and inspiring sessions.

I had a beautiful and valuable week. Yoga Fraukje Jasmine was really fantastic. I also liked the quiet lovely day. And the casual atmosphere of ‘anything goes and nothing should be “great. The cooks have spoiled our culinary and were very nice to have it. Would have liked a little tighter schedule. That’s my tip. Would like to thank everyone who attended this week. You are all amazing people.

I have come to find peace within myself. But it is much more than that! You learn to know yourself better. Through meditation and yoga and experiences of others to share. Silences were not really for me. I am a cheerful positive exchange with lots of energy and likes to cuddle. So for me it was not a punishment talking and eye contact. Did it get to know myself better (positive)! I go with a good feeling and energy back home. Thanks!

What energy! The group was fantastic. And what special that yoga can make so many loose. Body and mind are really one. Fraukje Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She knows exactly what she is talking about. To get back in touch with your feelings, this retreat a gift to yourself.

Yoga Mindfulness retreat in Ibiza, what a great week!
A nice warm place, good coaching, good food and a nice small group with whom you can share experiences. I did not want to miss it!
It has brought me more confidence especially for restoring my burnout. And yoga and meditation I still have something. For anyone who doubts … just go :-)

A very special experience. All emotions are passed in review. One week with a clear construction and a nice finish. I felt reasonably resist and I myself come from good, but by ridding myself of this gives a very intense feeling of happiness. My mindfulness skills are increased. Yoga I felt very heavy. Katja and Jasmin are fine and heartwarming people, who have done everything to make me feel at home. The location could not be better, close to the beach, a hippie teepee with an outdoor shower and a pool under palm trees. Came home with a lot of extra wisdom about myself. Thanks for that.

Home after an intense, dramatic week in Ibiza. Fine Yoga and meditation sessions Fraukje Jasmine, defiant soul sessions with Jamie, not to mention the great food! The location left nothing to be desired. I came closer to get myself too. From the head to the heart. The healing session Fraukje Jasmine has brought me a break. The group process, the meditation and the great yoga did the rest. What a wonderful people I met this week. What is said of Ibiza, magic, beautiful sunsets, fantastic nature, all true. I look forward with much gratitude and a warm heart back on the past week and hope once again be allowed to return.
Many thanks for your sincere love,

This was for me a very special, beautiful week. It was very nice to have a whole week to be in a group and feel the energy group. The silent day I found very fine and I greatly appreciated. The Fraukje Jasmine yoga every morning was great and very special. The visit to Es Vedra was totally worth it. I really felt the power and energy. Ibiza is a very special island where I’m definitely more to come!

Fantastic group of very kind and interesting people. Unbelievable that you can have so many people overlap. Coincidence certainly do not know exist! The yoga was great and I would definitely healing at Fraukje books. I feel healed me through this. The silence was difficult, but valuable. I’m figuratively 10kg lighter home. By the way: the food was superb!

What a stunning retreat in Ibiza I behind. A lovely place, great yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, a superfine and small group of people, great groomed healthy meals at home still more rest your fingers licking and now after a week in my sphere … .gun it yourself … just because you’re worth it. For me it tastes for more, it gives so much insight if you all just let go!

Thanks Fraukje and Katja, you are great!


It was delicious! Enjoyed a wonderfull week in prime location with beautiful people. The silence day was really coming home to myself. The food was delicious and would like to continue at home. Go home yoga practice, unfortunately sin pleasant accompaniment of Fraukje. ‘M totally recharged and go again nice to meet my freedom!

“A very special pretty hot week to participate in the Yoga and Mindfulness retreat last July.
Yoga, mindfulness, silence, meditation, mantras, sound and dance as well as nature walks, beach, drummers, markets, conversations, new friendships and fun! The up and down of the week, the daily content and the possibility of personal one on one sessions to work on yourself, just knocked everything ..

Inner change – there is inside in a short time happened a lot …
by days of silence and targeted release (breathing) exercises to apply in conjunction with awareness (again) feeling your body, just his and ‘breathe’ ..
Will you to the core of your very being who you really are. The silence, the space you experience change your view of the world forever!

Partly because of the location Casa Shanti (named for the cat) Benirras, Ibiza magic -has me forever gegrepen-, the house, the room, the warm loving people -the silliness and onderonsjes- the delicious vegetarian food, sleeping places in short everything a man can make you happy! Until the last detail and perfect the imperfect of local things of the island made it a true gift for yourself! What are you good !!

I’m really whole and complete and I last week itself increasingly given more direction how to give shape to my life mission, others to help raise awareness and personal transformation process as a holistic lifestyle coach. I am grateful!

Next year and then even longer in silence and meditation … and then to India!?!

Lots of Love, Health, and fun in everything you do!
thick XXX

“The yoga and mindfulness retreat was more than I could have wished for and went far beyond any expectations I had. Every single part of the retreat was carefully thought out and was a perfect combination of self realization, nourishing and healing work and movement of energy with a brilliant combination of different types of yoga. Jasmine is a very knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who is very considerate and radiates love. The food prepared by Kitten was always lovingly done, was delicious and presented beautifully. A work of art everytime! We usefull some heartwarming walks in the surrounding hills led by Kitten How many followers was a lovely bonding experience with the other participants. Jasmine and Kitten thank you from the bottom of my heart … I will never forget this experience! “

Love all the way,

Going on a trip with me and been myself is such a great experience. I find it hard to describe how it feels, I notice that even if I talk about it with others … it’s life than I could have dreamed of previously. How very fine and it can you 6 days and should focus on yourself, your process, your roles, your identity, your emotions, your body and what holds you back. To then come back to you all are not. What I always consciously but mostly unconsciously have imagined. I felt that this was not true, but dared not to trust.

I have experienced that it’s all okay, that I can sit so long with myself day during the silence was so special. I certainly my painful and difficult moments, but I could, I could breathe through it and she could not see them or me through to overpower. Another highlight for me was the kundalini meditation. Besides all the delicious daily yoga classes, whom I still do every day, the last for me was magical. The energy and unity that I experienced was so special. Something to remember more. It is that I know that does not hold and ensure rigidity and expectations, otherwise I grabbed the moment and never left.

What I found really special this week, the combination of being together and experiencing intense things and the space was there to draw your own plan. The nice relaxing things in between like the festival, the hippy market and drumming that made it feel light and airy. The environment, the atmosphere and of course the great food, took it off. Both of you, together with the cooks are such wonderful, special people, who have shown me that you are the best when you are grateful and yourself. I can not say it often enough: Thank you for the “life changing experience” I can really recommend everyone annually!

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