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“The softness of Jasmine and Katja ensure that you can land nicely and dare to step into your process. A very nice program in a prime location. “

“What an experience! Very grateful that I was able to experience and experience this retreat. Jasmine and Katja are very skilled and the whole week at this fantastic location with the
excellent chef Abi was a party! The best investment in myself yet. Top! Love

“Thank you for the special week. I learned a lot from Jasmine and Katja and really enjoyed the villa, the surroundings and the delicious food. Your warmth and expertise ensures openness and a sense of security within the group. Namaste, ”

In October I spent a week in Ibiza to participate in the Inner Change Retreat. The greatest gift I could ever give myself! It has become a life changing event for me. How much have I learned! The yoga classes were great, guided very professionally by Jasmine and despite the fact that I already follow quite a bit of yoga in the Netherlands, I was introduced to various yoga styles. The meditation sessions were new to me, I didn’t know what to think. Thanks to the good guidance, step by step with solid background information, I have experienced how nice meditation is and how much power there is in yourself. Katja and Jasmine are warm, sweet and professional ladies and they made this week so special. I went home with newly built energy, lots of love and confidence in myself and a good plan for the future. What a week! And what a great location… Thanks for everything, I will never forget this.

Received a very impressive, educational, spiritual week, with a ‘head, middle and tail’. Complete.
Under the guidance of two experienced, heart-warming, creative and passionate ladies: Jasmine (Froukje) and Katja.
Furthermore, I especially enjoyed Jasmine’s incredibly professional yoga lessons, her soothing voice, charisma,
cozy get-togethers and Katja’s great cooking skills and crazy things and loving massages. You are in my heart!
For anyone who wants to grow and get closer to the core of who you really are, I heartily recommend you! Love, Hilde Zuurman x

I could not have imagined in advance that a week of Yoga Mindfulness in Ibiza can do so much! I feel mentally 10 kilos lighter, I feel freer and happier Being able to work on yourself in such a beautiful and inspiring place is really a gift! Thank you for your fantastic guidance, wonderful yoga and inspiring sessions.

I have had a beautiful and valuable week. Fraukje Jasmine’s yoga was really fantastic. I also loved the silence day. And the relaxed atmosphere of ‘Everything is allowed and nothing is mandatory’ is great. The chefs spoiled us culinary and were also very nice to have there. Would have liked a slightly tighter schedule. That’s my tip. Would like to thank everyone who attended this week. You are all wonderful people.

I have come to find peace within myself. But it is much more than that! You get to know yourself better. By meditating and yoga and sharing the experiences of others. Silences weren’t really for me. I am a cheerful positive person with a lot of energy and cuddly content. So for me it was a punishment not to talk and no eye contact. Did get to know myself better there (positive)! I return home with a good feeling and energy. Thanks!

What energy! The group was fantastic. And how special that yoga can release so much. Body and mind are truly one. Fraukje Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She knows exactly what she’s talking about. To get back in touch with your feelings, this Retreat is a gift to yourself.

Yoga mindfulness retreat in Ibiza: what a great week!
A nice warm place, good guidance, good food and a nice small group with which you can share experiences. I did not want to miss it!
Above all, it has brought me more self-confidence to recover from my burnout. And the yoga and meditation are still something for me. For anyone in doubt … just go :-)

It was delicious! Enjoyed a wonderful week at a top location with beautiful people. The silent day was like coming home to myself. The food was delicious and would like to continue that at home. Start practicing yoga at home, unfortunately it is a shame for Fraukje’s pleasant guidance. I am fully charged again and now go back to my freedom!

I would like to thank you again one by one for the past week. You have taken me on a journey to myself. It was an exciting, intense, confrontational and inspiring trip. It was so beautiful just how it should be and feel. It was exactly what I needed in my life right now.

Besides my children, it is the most beautiful gift I have ever given myself or have ever received. I’ll take it with me for the rest of my life. I will continue the journey alone. I want to keep growing and get closer and closer to myself, to the powerful free version of myself, who makes decisions and does things in the daily hectic life from my feelings and with a lot of self love.

Believe in yourself! Warm regards from my heart.


“The Inner Change Retreat has literally saved me after a long year of COVID. When I came to the retreat I was in fear, overwhelmed by daily life and negative thoughts. After one week I can say I am the best version of myself. I found joy again and embrace life in a much more positive way. The Kundalini yoga practiced by Jasmine and the mindfulness exercises helped me feel alive in my body again. You get much more than yoga and a beach holiday out of this retreat if you give yourself 100%. The villa is beautiful and the vegetarian dishes served were amazing too. Thanks Jasmine, Mirjam and Diana for inspiring me and others to go beyond our comfort zones.

Lots of love,


“The retreat was an amazing, mind-blowing experience. You learn a lot about yourself in 7 days under the expert guidance of Jasmine. It was a combination of hard work and relaxation that gives you so many new insights and experiences. A gift for yourself, I can really recommend it to everyone. ”

“What beautiful women are Katja and Jasmine, both in their own way. The energy they both radiate is already very inspiring. In addition, the yoga, meditation and homework exercises and personal sessions provide a lot of inspiration. We created a pleasant atmosphere together with the participants and everyone looked a lot more relaxed, clearer and more radiant in the last few days. Thank you beautiful women! X ”

“Grateful that I was able to follow this retreat. It was a huge eye-opener in all areas. I have experienced this retreat with tremendous expertise and very pleasant guidance in a great location. Absolute must! On to the weekend follow-up retreat;) Love “

A very special experience. All emotions have been reviewed. A week with a clear structure and a nice conclusion. I have felt some resistance and I encountered myself well, but by freeing myself from this it gives a very intense feeling of happiness. My mindfulness skills have increased. I found yoga very difficult. Katja and Jasmin are lovely and heart-warming people who have done everything they can to make me feel at home. The location couldn’t be better, close to the beach, a hippie teepee with an outdoor shower and a pool under the palm trees. Have come home with a lot of extra wisdom about myself. Thanks for that.

At home after an intensive, impressive week in Ibiza. Great Yoga and meditation sessions with Fraukje Jasmine, challenging soul sessions with Jamie, not to mention the great food! The location also left nothing to be desired. I came to get closer to myself. From the head, into the heart. The healing session of Fraukje Jasmine has provided a breakthrough for me. The group process, meditation and fantastic yoga did the rest. What wonderful people I met this week. What they say about Ibiza, the magic, beautiful sunsets, the fantastic nature, all true. I look back on the past week with great gratitude and warm heart and hope to be able to return again.
Thank you very much for your sincere love, attention and commitment.

This was a very special, beautiful week for me. It was very nice to be in a group for a whole week and to feel the group energy. I really enjoyed the day of silence and greatly appreciated it. Fraukje Jasmine’s yoga every morning was amazing and very special. The visit to Es Vedra was totally worth it. I really felt the power and energy. Ibiza is a very special island where I will definitely come more often!

Fantastic group with very sweet and interesting people. Unbelievable that you can overlap with so many people. Coincidence certainly does not exist! The yoga was great and I would definitely book a healing with Fraukje. I feel healed by this. The silence was difficult, but valuable. I am figuratively going home 10 kilos lighter. By the way: the food was superb!

“Passionate and expert guidance from Jasmine and Katja. Fantastic place and nicely balanced program. The yoga program was too heavy for me, but this is / was no obstacle at all. ”

“A retreat where everything is right. The program is very smart and expertly built, each part has its function. You get all kinds of different tools to help you further. And all this in a fantastic villa with great vegetarian food. A huge recommendation for anyone who wants to take some time for themselves, even if, like me, you are not that spiritual at all! ”

“A very special warm week to participate in the Yoga and Mindfulness retreat last July.
Yoga, mindfulness, silence, meditations, mantras, sound and dance, but also nature walks, beach, drummers, markets, conversations, new friendships and fun! The set-up and breakdown of the week, the daily content and the possibilities to work on yourself one on one in personal sessions, everything was just right.

Inner change – there is inside in a short time happened a lot …
by days of silence and targeted release (breathing) exercises to apply in conjunction with awareness (again) feeling your body, just his and ‘breathe’ ..
Will you to the core of your innermost being who you really are. The silence, the space that you then experience will change your view of the world forever!

Also partly due to the location Casa Shanti (named after the cat) Benirras, magical Ibiza -has gripped me for good-, the house, the space, the warm loving people -the craziness and conversations- the delicious vegetarian food, the sleeping places in short, everything that can make a person happy! Cared for to perfection and also the perfect of the imperfect of the local things of the island made it a true gift for yourself! How good you are !!

I am now really complete and whole and last week I got more and more direction myself how I can shape my life mission, help others with awareness and personal transformation process as a holistic lifestyle coach. I am grateful!

Next year again and then even longer in silence and meditation… and then with us to India!?!

Lots of Love, Health and Fun in everything you do!

” The yoga and mindfulness retreat was more than I could have wished for and went far beyond any expectations I had. Every single part of the retreat was carefully thought out and was a perfect combination of self realisation, nourishing and healing work and movement of energy with a brilliant combination of different types of yoga. Jasmine is a very knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who is very considerate and radiates love. The food prepared by Katje was always lovingly done, delicious and was presented beautifully. A work of art every time! We also had some heartwarming walks in the surrounding hills led by Katje which was a lovely bonding experience with the other participants. Jasmine and Katje thank you from the bottom of my heart…I will never forget this experience!”

Love all the way,

Traveling with myself and within myself has been such a wonderful experience. I find it difficult to describe how it feels, I also notice that when I talk to others about it… it is better than I could have dreamed beforehand. How special and nice it is to be able and able to focus on yourself, your own process, your roles, your identity, your emotions, your body and what is holding you back in 6 days. Only to find out that you are not all of this. What I have always thought, consciously but especially unconsciously. I felt that this was not true, but I was afraid to trust it.

That I was able to experience during the silent day that it is completely okay, that I can sit with myself for so long, was so special. I certainly had my painful and difficult moments, but I could handle them, I could breathe through them and see them without being them or letting them overpower me. Another highlight for me was the kundalini meditation. Besides all the wonderful daily yoga classes, which I still do daily by the way, the last one was magical for me. The energy and unity that I have experienced was so special. Something to never forget. It is that I know that holding does not work and creates rigidity and expectations, otherwise I would have grabbed the moment and never let go.

What I found very special about this week is the combination of being together and experiencing intense things and the space that was there to draw your own plan. The nice relaxed things in between, such as the festival, the hippie market and the drumming, made it feel light and airy. The surroundings, the atmosphere and of course the great food made it complete. Both of you, along with the cooks, are such beautiful, special people, who have shown me that you are most beautiful when you are grateful and yourself. I cannot say it often enough: Thank you for the ‘life changing experience’ I can really recommend it to everyone every year!

What a breathtaking retreat in Ibiza I have had. A wonderful place, great yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, a super nice and small group of people, great healthy meals to lick your fingers and now after a week at home still much more rest in my head… .gun it yourself… just because you’re worth it. For me it tastes like more, it gives so many insights if you let go of everything for a moment!

Thank you Fraukje and Katja, you are great!