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Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza organizes heartwarming and inspiring yoga retreats Mindfulness healing to your body, mind and soul nourishing. Yoga Mindfulness  Ibiza aims more love, happiness and growth to bring in the lives of people with busy lives.

Through yoga retreats, individual lessons and different emotional integration therapies we help people in their quest for balance, happiness and health. We offer yoga retreats in Ibiza, Netherlands and India.

You can shine, no matter what you’re made off!

Choose to be happy. Stand up for who you are! Choose to steps and unconscious habit patterns that make you unhappy from the resistance.

This is your life and it’s short. Make the Shift! Follow your heart, follow what resonates with you!

Book now all inclusive retreats from € 995, –

Payment in two installments, the 1st installment 40% of the total amount including VAT, and the second time after 14 days.

Book on holiday in Ibiza a Yoga class , a class or workshop Mindfulness , a delicious Ayurvedic Yoga Massage or a session Emotional Integration Therapy . For more information visit the website .

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Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza
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Yoga Mindfulness Life your live Retreat

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Please contact us for more information, a private yoga session (composed himself) retreat, or therapy session. You can book a retreat in the following ways:

Payment in two installments, the 1st installment 40% of the total VAT

The second time after 14 days.

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