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If necessary, we will help you take the pcr test in Ibiza!

You can move or cancel the retreat free of charge if Ibiza has a red code, the retreat is canceled, or if you are not allowed to travel due to corona.

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Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza organizes various heartwarming and inspiring retreats in Ibiza that nourish your body, mind and soul. Our retreats in Ibiza aim to bring more love, happiness, awareness, inner strength and growth into the lives of people with a busy life.

Our Ibiza retreats are down to earth and deep!

We use proven methods such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, biodynamic breath work, body work, family constellations, mindset training and therapies.

‘Our retreats in Ibiza combine psychological and spiritual self-development methods in a playful and challenging way.’

Book an Inner Change or Harmonize  Retreat now and receive free after participation;

21 Day Abundance Challenge

The encore after the retreat, for 21 days you will receive daily meditations and writing assignments via WhatsApp to deepen your growth process and grow towards a life full of abundance!

Choose to be happy. Stand up for who you are! Choose to step out of the resistance and unconscious habit patterns that make you unhappy.

This is your life and it is short. Make the Shift! Follow your heart, follow what resonates with you!

Are you looking for a private session during your holiday in Ibiza or rather online?

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Private yoga online or in Ibiza

Biodynamic breath coaching online or in Ibiza

Ayurvedic massage

Mindfulness workshops in Ibiza

Discover your gift and contribute your potential to life!

You can shine, no matter what you’re made off!

Ga staan voor wie je echt bent! Maak de shift en volg je hart!


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Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza
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Yoga Mindfulness Life your live Retreat

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Contact us for more information, a private yoga session, (self-composed) retreat, or therapy session. You can book a retreat in the following ways:

Pay in two installments, the 1st installment 40% of the total amount including VAT. The second term after 14 days or upon arrival in Ibiza.

Come to a Lifechanging or Harmoniza Retreat without financial risk !!