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Yoga Ibiza offers various heartwarming and inspiring yoga meditation healing retreats to rejuvinate body, mind and soul. We offer semi private retreats and bigger group retreats.

Make a “Positive Change” in your life.

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza;

All our yoga retreats are meant to give you a more loving relationship with yourself. Our yoga retreats are designed to help you find more inner peace, balance, acceptance & freedom. We guide you into empowerment, connection and self love.

Through yoga, meditation and various healing therapies we guide people to their most happy, empowered, healthy and balanced self.

Choose to be happy. Choose to be who you want to be. Choose to step out of resistance and unconscious habit patterns that make you unhappy.

This is your life and its short! Make the Shift! Follow your joy by following what resonates with you!

Our agenda

You can shine, no matter what you’re made off!

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Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

Come home to yourself and find the joy of living!

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza

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