Insight Yoga Ibiza

Insight Yoga works on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Insight yoga is a unique and effective combination of mindfulness, kundalini, yin and hatha yoga.

In addition, we do a lot of breathwork and it teaches you to be lovingly aware of your experiences of the present moment. Insight yoga has a strengthening effect on the nervous system and increases your vitality, strength and happiness.
A nervous system that is strong and in balance is important for experiencing mental and emotional stability. During yoga there is a lot of emphasis on awareness of the present and directing attention to higher states of Being. This teaches the student to experience the deep joy and immense space of Being.

Through various postures, kriyas, breath work and meditations the student is awake trained to be present in the present moment and to experience the strength and deep joy within themselves.

Insight yoga is a quick way to experience inner fulfillment and intense happiness. In addition to inner fulfillment, your body is getting fitter and stronger. It also has a detoxifying effect on a physical and mental level, so that you experience less and less tension, stress and mental instability.

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Mindful Yin Yoga

Mindful yin yoga is a very relaxed and meditative yoga form. Mindful yin yoga is a powerful method to reduce mental and physical stress and tension. The poses are held for extended periods of time, ranging from one to twenty minutes. The pose emphasizes complete relaxation of the muscles and being present with what is.
In this way, the deeper connective tissue and the attachments are relaxed. This ensures the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which among other things ensures the experience of peace in your body. In every attitude we practice mindfulness as a way to practice presence and become intimate with your thoughts and feelings.

Mindful yin yoga teaches you to observe the experiences of the present moment and to look at it with an open and accepting attitude, which is the experience.
The result of this is that you learn to deal with tension, pain and stress in a more effective way.

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