Mindfulness Ibiza

Mindfulness in Ibiza is a way to reboot.
We offer group courses, private mindfulness introduction sessions and mindfulness retreats on beautiful places in Ibiza

Please check the agenda for ongoing courses, or create your own.

Mindfulness trains the mind to be more in the Present moment. It helps you to manage stress more effectively, enhances your well-being and enables you to live a more fulfilled life.
Mindfulness is about paying attention, with full awareness to what is happening in this moment, with a kind and friendly curiosity.

All too often, we spend a lot of time in our heads, perhaps thinking about past events or worrying/trying to predict what may happen in the future. This means we spend a lot of time on automatic pilot and little time in the present moment. Learning Mindfulness skills enables you to cultivate present moment awareness with a friendly curiosity. Thus enhancing selfcompassion and building resilience.

Although Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, the approach we take is completely secular. Anyone, regardless of religious or spiritual background, can learn and benefit from using Mindfulness skills in day to day life.

mindfulness ibiza

Consciously and lovingly

Mindfulness practices are simple, easy to learn and generally focus on paying attention to particular sensations around the body, the senses, or your surroundings. They may include focusing on the breath, on sounds, sensations, or on particular feelings.

Mindfulness can also be practiced in everyday life to help us reconnect with ourselves and the world around us – it may be something as simple as feeling the sensations of our feet as we walk a familiar route or sensations of the water on our skin as we take a shower. This can help to us to appreciate the small moments in our lives and helps us to be more aware of how we react to others and to situations.

We have an awareness of our thoughts and feelings as they are happening and this provides us with a choice of how we respond. Once learnt, Mindfulness is a skill we can utilise for life! We offer you different ways to learn and benefit from Mindfulness in daily life.

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No prior meditation experience is needed.