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Consciously and lovingly

Mindfulness Ibiza

Get in balance

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza helps people to master the mindfulness method step by step. We offer various mindfulness retreats at beautiful locations in Ibiza, mindfulness introductory courses and private sessions on location. In addition, yoga mindfulness group lessons are given weekly.

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Mindfulness trains the mind to be present in the NOW, to pay attention to what you are experiencing in the now and to look at it with a loving look. It reduces worry, unnecessary thinking, stress and physical tension. Less stress and tension ensures improved well-being and increased happiness in life.

Many people are bothered by their thoughts. They spend a lot of time in their heads. They worry about the future and think back a lot about the past. Thinking largely happens unconsciously. Because of this we live from automatic pilot and we are lived by our thoughts. Mindfulness learns to break through this pattern and take a more conscious approach to life. By learning mindfulness and practicing it daily, you learn to take control of your life yourself.

mindfulness ibiza

Conscious and loving

Mindfulness exercises are very easy to learn. What mindfulness teaches you is to consciously and lovingly pay attention to your sensory experiences in the moment; your breathing, physical sensations, emotions, sounds, thoughts, smells, etc. It teaches you to relax in Being.

In everyday life, mindfulness can help you to ground and enjoy the little things in life. Once you have mastered mindfulness, you can easily integrate what you have learned into life. At our Ibiza retreats we teach you mindfulness step by step. We teach you how you can benefit from mindfulness and how you can apply it in your daily life.

Previous experience with meditation and mindfulness is not required.

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