Emotional Integration Therapy

Yoga mindfulness Ibiza offers great transformative healing therapy’s. As a result of years of personal experience and study in the field of psychology, healing, body and breath work, Jasmine has developed a very unique Emotional Integration Therapy (EIT).

This therapy helps you to release (unconscious) fears and tensions from body and mind. Through breath work, verbal expression, healing and body work we release unconscious thought patterns and tensions from body and mind. This healing therapy brings peace, happiness and clarity in peoples lives.

The emotional integration therapy that we offer is a very profound and deep way to heal mind & body of long held stress, trauma, low self esteem, blockages, addictions and fears.

A combination of Breath work, visualisation, healing and verbal expression are used to grow into emotional integration. The combination of these methods create a very powerful healing tool for trauma, stress release, a better inner connection and self acceptance.

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Emotional Integration Therapy

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Stress, trauma and burnout

How to heal from traumatic events

Trauma’s get stuck in the body. They are most often unconscious energies that we are unconsciouly holding on to. This may be caused due to fear that has not been fully released
in a painful situation, conditioned thoughts, feelings and believes from parents and society or due to resistance to experiencing emotions.

The cause of many complaints is found at the unconscious level. We all have unconscious thought patterns. This we take from the conditionings of our past. Once they served us as a way to cope with a situation, but in our present situation it works against us.

At such times weget confronted with ourselves. Usually this is not pleasant and it can be useful to get the help of a therapist. With our profound emotional integration therapy we succesfully helped people with various complaints.

We successfully treated people who suffered from;

  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Relationship challenges
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Low self esteem

You don’t have to be suffering from full-blown Post-Traumatic Stress Order (PTSD) to be affected by stress. There are several different levels of stress, and awareness of where you stand is an important first step in understanding how best to respond. (Trauma Support)