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Relax and Shine Retreat Ibiza


Location: Casa Shanti Ibiza

Are you looking for a yoga retreat with many inspiring yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, fun and all the personal attention you need to regain your balance? We welcome you to our heartwarming Relax and Shine Retreat Ibiza. This retreat is a chance to recover and regain your balance.

Life can be so demanding that we may not feel the joy of life. Our yoga retreats help you regain your life fun. Located within walking distance of the popular and beautiful beach Benirras, North Ibiza, this Relax and Shine Retreat Ibiza the perfect place to recharge and rediscover yourself again.

Why you will love it:
• We offer quality yoga
• Learn mindfulness step
• Our treatments help release your old patterns
• Idyllic accommodation
• Ibiza excursions to special places on the island
• A quiet day
• Super Healthy Diet
• Nature walks
• all personal guidance and space you need.

At this location we only work with small groups (five up to seven people). This gives you the opportunity to really take your own space and to strengthen yourself and regain your connection.


09-09.30mindfulness meditation
9:30 to 11:00Empowering morning yoga
11:00 to 12:00Super healthy brunch
12:00 to 17:00Time to relax, discover the magical Ibiza, book a massage, take a dip in the sea or go for a walk.
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.Mindful Yin Yoga, Mindfulness workshop, Breath Work
19:00 to 20:00Supper
20:30Free for personal interpretation, evening walk, sunset gathering

Relax and Shine Retreat Ibiza

This Relax and Shine Retreat will be held on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Ibiza is known as a hippie utopia. Its beautiful natural environment makes it easy to return to your natural self to return and regain your life inspiration. So enjoy the magic of enchanting Ibiza.

About the location

Casa Shanti is located in a beautiful natural setting. Just here, makes you easily the world and its worries behind you. Straight from the garden it is possible for one of the most popular beaches of northern Ibiza walk. In the garden are quiet spots to connect with yourself and think about your life and its existential. There is a nice pool with stunning mountain views. The idyllic house can accommodate up to four people can stay for two to four people and behind the house the two Teepees. Because we only work with small groups (five up to seven people), you get all the support and space you need. The retreat will be additional intimate and informal.


To guarantee your freedom we recommend renting a car. Often people share a car. We can connect you to another participant to share a car. Alternatively, we can arrange airport pick up. This costs € 40 per person for a single journey.

Therapy and Massage

During your stay you, your growth through a deepening of soul coaching sessions. We will tell you at the beginning of the retreat more about these sessions. Furthermore, you can book massages that help to unleash a deeper level.



• When: 15-21 July 2020
• Where: Ibiza Casa Shanti

Prices (six nights, seven days)

Two person shared Tipi € 995 pp

Private room € 1350

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or new to the field of yoga and meditation, our retreats fully adapted to everyone’s level and needs.

We assist people with love and passion for a happy, healthy and happy life.

The price includes (for six nights and seven days)

• Six times light morning snack
• Six times super delicious brunch
• Six times vegetarian diner
• Fresh fruits and nuts all day
• Purified water all day
• Six times morning yoga
• A quiet stroll
• Three times afternoon workshop yoga
• A mindfulness workshop

The price does not include
• Flight
• Cars
• Airport pickup
• Insurance

The investment

What will get you out:

  • Recovery from stress
  • Inspiration
  • Clarity about your life
  • Relaxation and tranquility in your head
  • And also a great foundation of yoga and mindfulness, so you can fit it to daily life. This will help you to feel joy again, and more from your inner flow to live.
  • This week brings you back to your natural happiness and passion for life! It gives you the inspiration you’ll need!

It is possible to pay in installments!

What has yet to arrange yourself?

  • Your flight to Ibiza
  • Personal (travel) insurance
  • own car if you want to be mobile

You are born to shine!


Fraukje Jasmine

Psychologist, International Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Instructor, Healer, Life Coach & Biodynamic respiratory therapist. All designed to inspire and energize your life. Jasmine uses a wealth of valuable tools for transformation and empowerment. She has developed its own unique style yoga, with emphasis on awareness of the present moment and activate the life energy in the body. They also help you through its renowned Emotional Integration Therapy (EIT) to integrate unresolved emotions and thoughts to the experience of wholeness and love. In an interesting and lively way they teach you to be more aware of your presence and from love to connect with you. With strength, wisdom and vitality they inspire others in their search for healing, health and happiness.

Yoga Mindfulness Inspiration Retreat


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