Recharge through stillness

How often do you take a moment to do nothing? How often are you fully aware in the present moment? How does it feel to take a moment just to be?

Most people are overloaded with things to do. The household, jobs, children, goals to achieve, hobbies, studie, internet, shopping, facebook, television etc. Modern life encourages us to be always busy or diverted in some way. We are always active in some way and hardly take a break simply to be. Yet it is in the moments of stillness that you can experience inner peace and clarity.

The moments where you are quiet gives you the opportunity to reconnect and recharge with your inner Being. It is in the space of relaxed awareness that you find inspiration, inner peace and your voice of wisdom.

Now you might want to know how you can do this? How can i find stillness? How can i stop thinking? Will it ever be possible not to think? You will always have some thoughts, but it definitly can be much more quiet in your head. You can be fully aware in the present moment without thoughts. How? By shifting your awareness from doing (thinking) to observing (being).

For example being aware of stillness and space in the present moment. It is very simple, yet the mind can never grasp it, as the mind is always focussed on doeing. Another way to step out of the thinking mind is to bring your awareness to your inner body. Feel your body from the inside, with an open awareness and without any judgement. Similarly you can focus on your breath. Observing how the breath goes in and out through the nostrils. These simple cues can help you to calm the mind and to enter silence. Doeing this gives tremendous benefits. Recharge through stillnes!

recharge through stilness

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Know that you have a choise

It recharges body & mind, it gives the brain the space to organise thoughts fort he future and to digest past experiences, it relaxes your nervoussytem, allowing it to recover from the constant stimuli. Taking time for stillness is the best way to find inner peace. It gives you the wisdom and power to handle the tasks in your life from a place of clarity, strenght and wisdom.

Like all things you want to learn it takes some practise and dedication to be more still inside. A beautiful practise is mindfulness meditation. By practising mindfulness meditation you raise your awareness. When you are aware it is more likely that you choose for silence more often. Mindfulness also gives you a taste of how it feels to be still and peaceful inside. Once you expereinced it, it is easier to come back to it.  Mindfulness is very simple, yet it takes some discipline in the beginning.

The best is to schedule some time in your agenda for meditation each day. Even if it is only for a few minutes. The best time of the day is early morning, before you perform other activities and in the evening before going to bed. There are many different meditations, but focussing on the breath is a good start. It is very simple, yet it has many benefits. What you do is, you bring your awareness to the entrance nostrils and feel how the breath goes in and out. Every time when the mind wanders away into thinking or reacting to sounds (and it will!) you remind yourself of your practise and bring the mind back to the breath.

It is this process of bringing the mind back to the breath that is important and not the lenght of time that you hold your awarenss onto the breath. You do this over and over again. The movement of bringing the mind back to the breath is like waking yourself up from a dream, named thinking. By practise you slowly become more awake, peaceful and still within.

Know that you have a choise. Do do you choose for chaos or for inner peace? Only you can make the choise to meditate and in this way to cultivate feelings of stillness. By practise you will grow into your ability to choose for small moments of stillness throughout the day. Growing into precense gives more inner space and freedom, which you can bring into the world around you. Helping your environment to become more harmonious and peaceful.

“Within you, there is a stillness to which you can retreat at any time”

(Herman Hesse)

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Recharge through stillnes