Living in the now

How often do you actually live totally in the NOW? If you are honest with yourself, then you will admit that most of the time you are dreaming or wishing for something else. Very rarely do people live in the present and totally concentrate on the activities at hand.

When you work in the garden,
you wish for food or think about a discussion you had last week. When you wake up in the morning, you think about the day to come. When you are eating you are talking or thinking about your life’s issues. Very rarely do people live in the present and totally concentrate on the activities at hand.

For this reason people perform most actions in life half-heartedly and with little entusiasm. Yet it is certain that everybody at one time or another has experienced periods when they were totally concentrated on one activity.
And if you look back you might remember that those periods where times of great joy and happiness.

Living in the present is important in all spiritual paths.
How can one develop more present moment awareness?
How can one live in the present moment without effort? One of the most effective ways is to train the mind through various awareness practices like mindfulness and yoga. In mindfulness for example we train our awareness by focussing our attention on an object in the now (breath, sense perceptions, thoughts, actions etc.). The result is more control over our attention and a growing awareness.

Living in the now
living in the now

Train the mind

Equally important is to undo the mind actively of mental disturbances. One of the ways to undo yourself of negative mental conditionings is by changing your mindset. What story are you telling yourself? Why do you believe the lies of the mind that pull you down?

Know that you are free to choose. Do you want to believe these thoughts? How would it feel to replace them with empowering believes? In the beginning it is best to write your negative thoughts down. Thereafter turn every thought 180 degree around.

What do you get? The opposite of your negative believe. For example; I am not worthy, becomes; I am worthy. Repeat these mantra’s verbally on a daily base and more important try to feel it.

Also various therapy’s can help you to let go of old conditionings, trauma’s, fears and pains. One form of therapy that works on the mind, body and emotions is connected breathing. Breath work is a very strong way to bypass the mind and to reliese the charge of negative experiences in the subconsious. Breathing in the emotions and thoughts with full awareness and positive intentions helps in dissolving the charge of the pain.

In conclusion you can say that when you train the mind to be present and at the same time empty the mind of its mental problems, you will more and more live in the present spontanious and without effort.

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