Jasmine Nooij MSc

MSc Social Psychology, Certified Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher YTT400 India, Certified Mindfulness instructor, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Reiki, Certified Biodynamic breath therapist & Deeksha giver.
Jasmine Nooij is a international spiritual teacher. She uses various tools to empower and enrich peoples lives. Her main tools are yoga, meditation, breath work, massage, mindfulness and various mastermind trainings.

Jasmine helps people with selfacceptance/ love, self-realization, burnout/ stress, depression and trauma-related symptoms. She is a constant student of the mystery of life. What she learns on her path, she shares with others. Her mission is to help people in their search for happiness, health, and wisdom.
She teaches people in a vibrant and alive way. Showing them how to be more present in the here and now and how to live a more empowered,enriched,relaxed, meaningful and happy life.




In addition, they developed very effective emotional integration method (EIM), which uses biodynamic breathing and speaking (unconscious) negative thought patterns. This combined with bodywork and healing causes tensions, blockades, unresolved emotions and thoughts are revealed and processed still conscious.

This takes the load off of these thoughts and emotions and take the influence that these thoughts and emotions have on your life away. Tensions and repetitive thoughts are released. This allows you come back into balance and you are freer, happier and stronger life.

With strength, wisdom and vitality Jasmine inspire others in their quest for healing, health and truth.

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