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Harmonize Retreat Ibiza

All prices include VAT. It is possible to pay in installments!


The price is exclusive

  • Airline ticket
  • Car rental
  • Pick-up service from the airport (45 euros)
  • Insurance
  • Private treatments (85 euros)
  • PCR tests

Its your time to shine!

For questions and registrations mail to; info@yoga-mindfulness-ibiza.com, book online or call / app to; +31619039961

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Harmonize Retreat Ibiza Villa Celeste

Unplug yourself and give yourself the boost you need!

Looking for a luxury yoga meditation retreat with lots of inspiring yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, empowering workshops, rejuvenation and all the personal guidance you need for a more happy and fulfilled YOU? We welcome you to our heartwarming Harmonize Retreat Ibiza. This retreat is a great opportunity to recharge and restore body, mind and spirit.

Life can be so demanding that sometimes we can no longer feel the joy of it. Our yoga retreats help you to relax and regain your inner joy and inspiration

Located within walking distance of the popular and beautiful beach of Cala Salada, in the south west of Ibiza, this luxury sanctuary is the perfect opportunity to recover, recharge and rediscover yourself!

Are you ready for a push to enter a new phase in your life? Then book your participation in the Harmonize Retreat Ibiza now

Why You’ll Love It:

  • We provide high quality yoga
  • Learn mindfulness step by step
  • Very old wounds with powerful transformative therapies
  • Enjoy enchanting luxury accommodation
  • Empowerment sessions such as Breathwork, Family Constellations & Dynamic Meditations
  • Ibiza excursions
  • Rituals of intent
  • Nature walks
  • Super healthy food
  • …… ..and all the love and guidance you need for your growth!

What this week brings you

  • You come into your strength and regain your zest for life
  • You will learn practical tools to maintain your balance and strength in everyday life
  • You clean up old ballast and break old patterns
  • You overcome fears
  • You experience peace and learn to relax
  • You discover what you really want: both privately and in your work
  • Go for a new beginning, a fresh start
  • From having to to wanting
  • From head to heart

In this villa we only work with small groups (up to 10 people). This gives you the opportunity to really occupy your space and reconnect with yourself.

This retreat will bring back your natural happiness and zest for life! It will give you the perfect inspiration and boost you need!

Invest in your wellbeing!

Book this amazing yoga meditation harmonize retreat for healing and connection between body and mind!

Prices for six nights and seven days in a super-deluxe accommodation!

Harmonize Retreat Ibiza 2-8 august 2021

You stay 7 days and 6 nights in a luxury villa with swimming pool and can also enjoy a diverse program that helps you to go to ‘The next level’.

Options for luxury accommodations

€ 1795, – incl. VAT pp two person shared luxury room with ensuite bathroom. Book here

€ 2195, – incl. VAT pp single room with ensuite bathroom Book here

1595, – incl VAT pp three person shared room Book here

€ 1295, – incl VAT Off venue price full board, (we can advise you in finding accommodation)

Book here


About Villa Celeste

Villa Celeste is an impressively beautiful luxury villa. Just being here makes it easy for you to leave the world and the worries of every day. This sumptuous villa combines a smooth contemporary style with a warm comfortable atmosphere and a luxurious touch. The villa can accommodate up to 8 people.

The small group size makes the retreats in villa Celeste extra comfortable luxury, because it gives you all the space and guidance for your own process. The beautiful infinity pool overlooking the sea will spoil you daily with the most beautiful sunsets and incredible views. Villa Celeste is an experience! A blessing that few people will experience in their lives! This is your chance! Be quick and reserve your spot now!


To guarantee your freedom, we recommend that you rent a car. You can find easy and cheap car rental at; https://www.doyouspain.com . Often people share a car. We can help you put you in touch with another participant to share a car. Alternatively, we can arrange a pick-up from the airport. This costs € 45 pp one way.

Harmonize Retreat Ibiza

What’s in it for you:
• A great foundation for yoga
• Mindfulness to apply in everyday life (this will help you keep the mind alive in the hustle and bustle of everyday life)
• Total rejuvenation
• New life inspiration and a deeper sense of happiness
• A deeper connection with yourself
• Going from head to heart
• Lots of inspiring home awareness and health tools
• Relaxation of body and mind

Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to yoga and meditation, our retreats are fully tailored to everyone’s level and needs.

This yoga mindfulness harmonize retreat is held on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Ibiza is known as a hippy topia. The beautiful natural environment makes it easy to return to your natural self and find inspiration again. So enjoy the magic of enchanting Ibiza!

We guide people with love and passion to a more joyful, healthier and happier life.

The program is broadly as follows;

8.00-09.00 am Wake up & morning snack in silence
09.00-10.30 am Exciting Yoga
10.30- 11.00  am Mindfulness Meditation
11.30-12.30 am/pm Super healthy brunch
12.00-17.00 pm Time to relax, enjoy magical Ibiza, explore and heal your inner self with a private session, get a massage or take an uplifting nature walk.
17.00-19.00 pm Empowerment workshop, Mindful Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness workshop, Dynamic meditation, Constellation work*
19.30-20.30 pm Vegetarian Dinner
20.30 pm Sunset meeting, free time, group meditation or evening event / walk
*On request we can move the afternoon program to the evening due to the heat.


Harmonize Retreat Ibiza

Invest in your wellbeing! Book this amazing yoga meditation harmonize retreat for healing and connection between body and mind

When: August 2-8 2021 or book in October
Where: Ibiza stay in a beautiful villa with pool.

The price is inclusive (based on six nights, seven days)
• 6 x Luxury accommodation
• 6 x light morning snacks
• 6 x super tasty brunch
• 6 x vegetarian dinner
• Fresh fruit all day long
• Purified water all day long
• 6 x morning yoga
• 1 x breathing session
• 1 x dynamic meditation
• 1 x mindfulness workshop
• One (silent) mindfulness day
• 1 x beach picnic
• 1 x nature walk

Yoga Mindfulness Inspiration Retreat

About Jasmine

Jasmine is a psychologist, international yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, transformation coach and biodynamic breath practitioner. Jasmine is focused on inspiring and empowering others in their lives. She is a constant student of the mystery of life. She shares what she learned along the way in the hope that others will live a more fulfilled, happy and inspired life. Jasmine focuses on useful tools for transformation and empowerment. Jasmine teaches people to be more present in the HERE and NOW in a lively and light way. She developed a unique yoga style that emphasizes the inner connection and activation of the life energies in the body, by directing and influencing breath and attention. She is also the founder of the profound healing method; emotional integration coaching, using breathwork and verbal expression as the main tools to heal the wounded self to a loving and free being. With strength, wisdom and liveliness she inspires others in their search for healing, connection, health and truth.

Co teachers

At Villa Celeste we work together with various fellow teachers and therapists. We will inform you prior to the retreat which co-teachers are available to support you.

About Insight Yoga

The highway to happiness!

Insight Yoga works on all levels, Body, Mind & Soul. Insight yoga is a unique and effective combination of Kundalini yoga, Hatha & Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork. Insight yoga teaches you how to cultivate awareness of the present moment. It helps increase the body’s energy and strengthen the nervous system. A balanced nervous system is important for mental and emotional stability. Much emphasis is placed on awareness of the present moment. Through various asanas, kriyas, breathwork and meditations the student is guided to a higher sense of vigilance and deep feelings of inner peace and joy. Insight yoga is a very effective way to a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. Besides the inner rewards, it strengthens and purifies your body and helps to release tension and blocked energy from the body. This makes you feel more alive, more grounded, more flexible and softer and more present at all levels.

Mindful Yin Yoga

This very relaxing and meditative form of yoga has an enormous stress-reducing effect on body and mind. Postures are held for a longer period of time, ranging from one minute to twenty minutes. People are asked to completely relax in a pose and to soften the muscles. In this way, the postures relax the deep connective tissues and fascia. In each pose, mindfulness is practiced as a way to familiarize yourself with your own feelings, thoughts and experiences. It teaches you to observe them with acceptance and an open mind. Whatever the experience may be. This way you learn to deal more effectively with fear, pain and stress.


Mindfulness is an ancient meditation technique that originated in the teachings of the Buddha. Mindfulness teaches you to look at reality as it is. To be the witness and observe the changing show of life from some distance. We often get so caught up in thinking, which is always preoccupied with the past or the future or judging the present moment, that we miss the beauty of the present moment. This means we miss life! In this yoga mindfulness retreat we teach you mindfulness step by step. You will learn what mindfulness is, how to practice it and how to apply it in daily life. In our retreat we offer many opportunities to practice mindfulness.


For questions email to:
or call: +31619039961