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Inner Change Retreat Ibiza

All prices include VAT. It is possible to pay in installments!


The only thing you have to arrange yourself is;
1. Your flight to Ibiza
2. Personal (travel) insurance
3. car if you want to be mobile

Come to the villa worry-free!
We arrange an airport pick up for you for € 45

Its your time to shine!
Inner Change Retreat Ibiza Love Yourself

For questions and registrations mail to;, book online or call / app to; +31619039961

We apply a discounted rate for returning participants.
Inquire about the costs by sending a personal email to;

Inner Change Retreat Ibiza

Inner Change Retreat Ibiza Love Yourself

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditations, Family Constellations, Mindset training, Silence day, Ecstatic Dance, Breath work, Walks, Moodboards, Self Love Training and much more …….

‘Come into your strength and become the happiest version of yourself’

Are you looking for a yoga meditation retreat that goes deeper than pure relaxation? A retreat that helps you to start a new phase of your life? Maybe you feel a vague desire and you don’t know how to shape it? Or do you want to learn to live more from your heart? Would you like to experience more depth and self-love? Tired of your old negative thinking patterns? And do you want to learn to transform this into self-love, strength & connection?

Through proven methods such as yoga, mindfulness, family constellations, connected breath work, inner child & mindset sessions, we guide you to the happiest version of yourself. The you who loves yourself, is empowered, knows what he / she wants and knows how to maintain a healthy balance in life between the daily obligations and the care for the inner self.
Are you ready for a push to enter a new phase in your life? Then book your participation in the Inner Change Retreat in Ibiza now.

Why will you like it?

We offer a ‘Life Changing’ program;

  • Qualitative and in-depth yoga
  • Mindfulness theory and application
  • Afternoon sessions that help you positively change your mindset and awaken the strength and love within yourself. Methods used are, breath work, dance, mindset training, inner child work, self development exercises.
  • A family constellation for insight into hidden (family) dynamics
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Ibiza excursions to special places on the island
  • A silent day
  • Let go of rituals
  • Super healthy food
  • Nature walks
  • At noon you can visit one of the beaches, book a massage or private session, or relax by the pool.
  • Transformation coach and therapy sessions (optional)
  • You will also learn how to integrate what you have learned into your daily life

What this week brings you

  • You come into your strength and regain your zest for life
  • You will learn practical tools to maintain your balance and strength in everyday life
  • You clean up old ballast and break old patterns
  • You overcome fears
  • You experience peace and learn to relax
  • You discover what you really want: both privately and in your work
  • Go for a new beginning, a fresh start
  • From having to to wanting
  • From head to heart

‘The retreat helps you to make a shift in your (negative) thinking and to be more aware, happier and more free in life.’

This Inner Change Retreat is a high-quality retreat, both in terms of content and around it.

Location: We stay in a beautiful luxury villa with an infinity pool overlooking the sea. The villa is in a rural location and from this beautiful villa you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets every day. The villa is located 20 minutes walk from the beach cala Tarida, in the south west of Ibiza. There are several spacious bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. There is a large communal living room and outside there is a beautiful covered yoga hall overlooking the pool and the sea beyond.

Invest in your wellbeing!

The investment in yourself is:

You stay 7 days and 6 nights in a luxury villa with swimming pool and can also enjoy a diverse program that helps you to go to ‘The next level’.

Inner Change Retreat Ibiza Love Yourself  11-17 september 2021

Options for luxury accommodations

€ 1495, – incl. VAT pp 2 pers shared bungalow with ensuite bathroom. Book here

€ 1695, – incl VAT pp 2pers luxury room with ensuite bathroom. Book here

€ 1995, – incl VAT. Private bungalows with ensuite bathroom. Book here

€ 1995, – incl VAT Private room with ensuite bathroom. Book here

Inner Change Retreat Ibiza Love Yourself

Every day we start with a meditation, which differs every day. The meditations help you take charge of your attention and focus it on what empowers you. Afterwards we do yoga, which is aimed at releasing energy and strengthening and relaxing body and mind.

All meditations and yoga sessions are beginner-friendly.

The yoga style is a combination of mindfulness, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga & yin yoga. The emphasis is on being aware of the NOW and on being empowered physically, emotionally and mentally. We work a lot with breathing and simple energizing and calming exercises that make your body flexible and free. This provides more space and energy in body and mind.

During the afternoon sessions we work on letting go of your fears and limiting beliefs and you learn more and more to live from your heart and from your strength. We also lay a foundation of mindfulness, you discover what you really want and you get practical tools to put what you have learned into action.

During individual coaching sessions we will go deeper into what unconsciously limits you and how you can reach a more loving connection with yourself.

There is room for your own interpretation and private sessions between 1 pm and 4.30 pm.

The program is broadly as follows;

8.15 am Morning snack
09.00-11.00 Meditation and Yoga
11.30-12.30 Vegetarian brunch from our private chef
12.30-16.30 Free for your own interpretation / Private sessions, beach etc ..
16.30 Afternoon session; Mindfulness / Family constellations / Connected breath session / Mindset / Inner child / Limits / Excursion Es Vedra
19.00-20.00 Vegetarian dinner
20.00 Evening program; walk / lay tarot cards / dance / surprise evening / free

Welcome first day from 4 pm. The first session starts at 5 pm. The last day we end with the program at 1 pm.

You can then stay all day to enjoy the villa. It is also possible to stay one night longer for an additional amount of 70 euros including breakfast.


When: 11 – 17 september 2021
Where: Ibiza stay in a beautiful villa with pool. Email me for photos

What is included in the price?

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Meditations
  • Mindfulness theory and practice
  • Afternoon sessions that help you transform limiting (thinking) patterns and fears into inner strength, self-love and joy!
  • A family constellation
  • Self Love Training
  • A silent day
  • Support in your personal growth process
  • Daily morning snack
  • Daily vegetarian brunch
  • Daily vegetarian dinner
  • Bed linen and Towels
  • Unlimited Water, tea, fruit and snacks
  • We also make an excursion to Es Vedra
  • A silent walk
    Optionally we go to Benirras for the sunset on Sunday.
    There is also room to visit a market or to go out in the evening. (if you have your own transport).
Inner Change Retreat Ibiza

Fraukje Jasmine

Psychologist, International Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Instructor, Healer, Life Coach & Biodynamic breath therapist. All aimed at inspiring and empowering your life. Jasmine uses a wealth of valuable transformation and empowerment tools. She has developed her own and unique yoga style, with an emphasis on awareness of the NOW and activating the life energy in the body. She also helps you through her famous Emotional Integration Therapy (EIT) to integrate unprocessed emotions and thoughts into the experience of wholeness and love. In an exciting and lively way she teaches you to be more consciously present and to connect with yourself from love. With strength, wisdom and liveliness she inspires others in their search for healing, health and happiness.

Katja Vermeulen

Since 2008 yoga and meditation gives weeks and weekends in the Netherlands and France, Ibiza and soon Albania. She reminds people of love, and is engaged in promoting silence, intuition and creativity so that participants can experience a better connection with themselves and adopt a more relaxed attitude to life. In her personal style she focuses on attention and depth, with gentleness and humor woven into it. Katja combines different disciplines. Due to her background as a Hatha yoga and meditation teacher, trainer, performance artist, family and organization draftsman, she is able to create training courses with depth, or to look specifically at a specific group or individual dynamics that play a role within a company or private setting.

During the retreats we work together with varying certified therapists, masseuses, musicians and guest teachers.


For questions email to:
or call: +31619039961