Biodynamic Breath Sessies
Find the Joy of living through Breath!

Biodynamic Breath Sessions Online / or on Ibiza

Access your inner power and break through whatever holds you back!

Biodynamic Breath is a powerful yet simple method to get in touch with your inner strength, intuition and heart. It opens the door to greater clarity and awareness. Through an open, connected and conscious breath you enter a higher level of consciousness and the associated emotions, tensions, patterns and beliefs invite you to integrate, accept and transform. In this way you change the relationship with yourself and you clear the way to experience more and more connection with who you really are and what you really want. By letting the deep connected breathing flow freely in and out, space is created for love, strength, joy, inspiration and wisdom. In addition, it strengthens your immune system and ensures an optimal internal energy flow.
When you are in Ibiza you can book a session personally with me send me a Whats App or email

You can participate in online Biodynamic Breath sessions from home. The sessions are given via ZOOM. These weekly sessions are given in groups. This can have a strengthening effect, precisely because of the recognition and the energy of the group. However, you may feel that you need extra attention in your process. Feel free to request a private session via the contact form.

Physical breath work provides;

• More (self) love / acceptance
• Awaken your inner strength
• Break through old (thinking) patterns and live fully
• Process and transform old emotions
• Positive change in your state of consciousness
• Experience peace, space and deep relaxation
• From head to heart

Biodynamic Breath course session
At the beginning of the session, a short introduction is given about the technique and underlying idea of ​​Biodynamic Breath. You can also set an intention for yourself to keep more focus while breathing. Then we will do short physical exercises and you will breathe connected for 45 minutes under supervision and with music, followed by a relaxation of 15 minutes. After the session there is room to share your experiences. You do the breathing session lying down. So you can participate from your bed.

Make sure you are not disturbed. Only participate if you can lie down somewhere quiet, not when you are moving. After the session, the integration process continues. Keep in mind that you can be more sensitive the days after the session. Take the peace and space you need to optimally integrate the session.

When Every Wednesday 10 am – 11.30 am There may be another day in the evening. Please indicate if you would be interested in that.

Sign Up

You can easily register by filling in your details on the contact form; Lets Breathe Together. Enter your whatsapp number and name.
You can also email or app your WhatsApp number to; or +31619039961 You will then be added to the group app.

After registration you will receive a link with the access code for ZOOM. It is important that you install ZOOM on your computer or mobile before the session.

If you are not able to participate now, but would like to participate at a different time? Then sign up. You will receive a new ZOOM invitation via the app every week. This way you can choose to participate every week.

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